A Soundscape for Art– Architecture beyond the Visual

Degree project, Master of Architecture from Lund University, Sweden. 2009

The project explores the importance of acoustics in the experiencing of architecture and space.

High resolution pictures

Click here to download the whole project.

A Soundscape for Art– Architecture beyond the Visual

Comparing the different audial experiences entering a marble bank palace and a soft padded cinema easily evokes questions such as:

Do the acoustics of a building influence us?
Would it be possible for architects to influence the spatial experience by consciously working with the acoustics?

A Soundscape for Art is a building created for three Art objects, designed with the starting point that the acoustics do affect the way we move within and perceive architecture, and hence affects in what way we will experience objects we encounter within the space.


For each Art object, a wanted spatial and acoustic situations has been defined in order to enhance a feeling or direct the focus of the visitor. The artistic and architectural ambition has then been linked to research on human behaviour in different kind of acoustics, studies in physics and tests in 3d-audio-models.


The result is a building where the acoustics generate shape and define space; an art pavilion created as a sound sequence for the three objects.
Included in the project is also an audio file describing a walk through the building.

The suggested site for A Soundscape for Art is in the beautiful surroundings of Lilla Stenshuvud in the art park Kivik Art, Sweden.

The project consists of three art objects and acoustic situations experienced in a sequence. Below follows an example of the last installation.

Example Acoustic Situation nr 3

“Tenderly yours” Markku Salo(1954-)

“Tenderly Yours” is an installation with a glass sculpture and an industrial robot. The large, but delicate glass dress twists its upper body to the side, as if stiffened in a movement. The robot has a scoop and a sponge attached to its arm, and washes the dress carefully. Water ripples from the scoop down in the little pond where the glass dress is standing.

To reinforce this delicate situation of respect and trust, the visitor will be given the feeling of intruding.

The first view of the installation is from a dark and narrow area where the visitor can move without being heard but still experience the sound of the water from a distance.

Approaching the couple, the acoustics get more and more reverberating, reinforcing the sounds of the visitor moving in the large echoing space, reminding the visitors of their own existence and intrusion of the space.

Leaving the dark and absorbed area also means stepping into the light.
The observer becomes observed.

The larger volume and the hard reflecting concrete gives a longer reverberation time.

The smaller volume, the absorbing Rock wool integrated in the ceiling, together with the absorbing floor shortens the reverberation time. Sounds of foot steps are avoided by the rubber floor.

The curved wall reflects the sound back into the large volume. The sound is spread to give the impression of the sound surrounding the visitor.

Absorbing Rock Wool integrated in the ceiling. Rubber Asphalt on the floor. Sounds caused by the visitors will partly be absorbed.



A walk through the building.


Magdalena Perers 2009

Click here if you would like to see more pictures and read more about the project:
A Soundscape for Art.


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